August 27, 2017

In Feb. 2017 I was contacted by the 3 Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), and invited to visit their facility in Illinois to record my testimony for their 3ABN Today Program. We did this in April and it has aired worldwide June 12, 2017.  If you missed the broadcast you should be able to view again soon (date to come)  and you may be able to view it on line at or on youtube.  To God Be The Glory! 



May 2, 2017

With some hesitation on my wife’s part we entered the set of the 3ABN recording studio where we had the privilege of sharing what God has done for us. Beginning in my teenage years at a Catholic school all the way through my years of incarnation and finishing with my current efforts along with my wife, to bring the Gospel to inmates through our Bible distribution ministry.

C.A. Murray and Brian Hamilton were the hosts and the interview will be broadcast on the 3ABN Today program. Everyone on the set concluded it was a very good interview. We will post the broadcast dates as soon as we receive the information. Our hope and our prayer is that all who view the interview will be encouraged as they see how God rescued me from myself and led me to represent Him to others who find themselves in similar life situations. We didn’t have a lot of time to share about our Bibles 4 Prisoners ministry, but we are praying that our book promotion will bring in funds to cover our costs. 



April 11, 2017

About two months ago we received an invitation to be interviewed on the 3 Angels’ Broadcasting Network. (3ABN). We accepted the invitation, and set a date. On Monday morning we left our home in Virginia and 2 days later we arrived at their lovely facility in West Frankfort IL. We were warmly welcomed by the staff, some of whom we already knew as graduates from our years as faculty at Hartland College in Virginia. Tomorrow morning I will give my testimony and share all I can about the prison ministry work, and Bibles 4 Prisoners. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity and we will post an update soon about how it went and when the interview will be broadcast.



Baptisms 2/17/17


On Friday February 17th  2017  two inmates took their turn in a small tank slightly larger than a bathtub. After a baptized inmate stirred their interest and our team worked with these men for about two years, this immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, declares that they have decided to follow Jesus. Please pray for these men as they become Christ’s witnesses in the prison mission field.



2016 End of Year Report


As of the end of 2016, our Lord has blessed us by providing us the funds to give out 300 Bibles, and 1089 other spiritual books to forgotten men and women behind bars at a cost of $6364.45.

We shipped these items to inmates around the Continental United States at a cost of $1,640.46.

We ministered to 5,459 inmates in 174 visits, for a total of 2,706 man hours, and our volunteers traveled a total of 21,258 miles at an estimated cost of $3,316.40.

Our shipping supplies and expenses came to $6,364.45, which brought our total expenses to $11,321.31.


The recipients of these spiritual gifts are so happy to receive them that they can hardly believe their eyes when they arrive in the mail. Our Bibles contain study helps, and soon they are on their way to understanding God’s wonderful love and realizing that He has a plan for their lives. None of this would have been possible without your prayers and gifts for this ministry.

Below are just a few of the grateful letters we received from inmates around the country.







Women’s prison January 2017


Whitney and Brandy had attended the Seventh-day Adventist meetings for about seven months, when they got into trouble and were placed into segregation.  They had fallen in love with the truths they heard by our team of ladies at this women’s facility.  Our team of ladies are teaching the 3 Angels Message to the inmates in this as are the men in the male facilities.  The two inmates that wanted to attend the meeting were having a problem returning to the meetings, so they asked if we could help. I spoke with the officials and was assured that this would be taken care of.
As of the end of January I’m informed that these inmates have rejoined the group.  Praise God for His guidance.




Thank you for the free Bible and study helps you sent me. They have been a tremendous blessing as I read and learn more of God's Truth FOR MYSELF. I have learned more in the last 3 years, than the 30 years I spent as a non-denominational Christian, listing to what the Pastor said.



 Death Row Inmate

When I received the beautiful Bible you sent I could hardly believe my eyes.  I am totally alone.  My family has forsaken me and I need to know what God has to say for me. Thank you for your wonderful gift. 
First and formost I want to thank you for the Defined King James Bible you sent me a few weeks back.  I really enjoy it and it helps me alot to study God's Word.



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