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Book reviews

Dear Brother John

I just finished reading your book–If I Make My Bed in Hell. Though I received it several months ago, many things started happening in my family and it got pushed aside. Yesterday I sat down to read, and I couldn’t stop until I finished. You have lived an amazing life! God obviously preserved you for the prison ministry work. I pray he will continue to use you in this needy mission field.  I want to order more to distribute to inmates in my prison ministry work.                                                                         Ohio


Dear Brother John,

I finished reading your book and I was truly blessed. I couldn’t put it down. I’m waiting for the sequel. Smile. I was in prison ministry for many years and I applaud you. Surely God is using you.                   Virginia


Dear John and Annie,

Finished your book and enjoyed it very much. Though I’ve known you casually for several years I had no idea you lived such an eventful life. God has been good to you, even through your trials.                   Virginia


If I may,

I would like to say that I’ve been very inspired by the reading of this book! The honesty as well as the good writing style was pleasant to read and the content was compelling. I have a new respect for prison ministry as well as a new desire to reach out to others who don’t know God. This book will be a blessing to many readers.                                                                                                                                    Michigan


Inmate Testimony

Dear Friends,

Thank you for my new Bible. Truly it is a great blessing to me. My mission is to read it over and over and when God calls on me to start the church [inside the prison] I will be ready. There is no Adventist service here and when God calls me I will be equipped with the knowledge to do so.

God bless you, and pray that God will show me what I can do for Him.                     Mark 

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